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Paranormal Ride will be filming a live action showing this winter. We will be in FL, SC, GA, IL, OH, WV in mid January to the first week of February. Please reach out if you have a story you want to share at

Paranormal Ride

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presented by Marlon O

Paranormal Ride is all about trying to find answers to some of the most unusual and perplexing paranormal mysteries in our communities and world. As a film production and multimedia artist. Marlon O use these skills to capture all things paranormal.

 Marlon O, creator of Paranormal Ride has brought together a team of like minded individuals who share similar experiences to his own as well as bringing their own perspective to the table. Marlon O has had a lifetime of paranormal experience which has opened his mind to all things Paranormal.


Marlon O, is a filmmaker and technical wiz. Marlon grew up in Chelsea MA, where the streets are always present. Cameras and computers were always an escape as well as the paranormal. As a youth he experienced an OBE and witnessed an appreciation of a child, channeled through a Ouija board which brought him into the paranormal world. When Marlon O is not investigating he is filming movies, touring with recording artists.


He is from a world of real talk and we are looking for real answers to our questions. We go inside the lives of everyday people who have experienced something amazing and we want to share their stories.

Paranormal Ride: Bio

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